An oscar-worthy reseal

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”. This is the motto this new idea is based on: a wholly italian innovative packaging studied by Smilesys s.r.l., which allows an easy opening of the package through dedicated auto-adhesive label, as well as a perfect re-closing up to 24 times, with no need of scissors

Smilesys wins the “Packaging Oscar 2015” together with Venchiaredo

“Venchiaredo and Smilesys, an Oscar-worthy soft cheese”. Innovation comes on the table. And it is no small thing but revolutionary in its own way. The idea comes, in cooperation with the venetian company Smilesys, from Venchiaredo Spa, a company specialized on soft cheese transformation for the production of stracchino, having its headquarters in Ramuscello di

Smile system, the universal reseal!

Smile is the easy-opening system that can be closed and re-opened for more than 25 times, reducing the food waste after the opening of the package. It is suitable to all kinds of edble products such as meat, cheese, fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, sweets, snacks, bread and bakery, and to all industrial products.

Smilesys patents extended to worldwide coverage: Easy Grip and Smile Lite

Smilesys will take the opportunity of the exibition TuttoFood in Milan to inform all the visitors of this important announcement. The extention of the patents Easy Grip and Smile Lite to worldwide coverage marks an important goal for our passion for research.   They will be presented at Tutto Food in Milan! You can find us

Packaging Oscar 2015 – Peel & Reseal for soft cheese

Smilesys and Venchiaredo are proud to present this Peel&Reseal system at the Packaging Oscars 2015, of which the

Smile film for fresh and dried fruits

Open & Reclose your package with Smile, the innovative auto-adhesive system. Technical and manufacturing advantages × Suitable to all packaging systems, with no need for machine adjustments. × No production slowdown. × No waste in terms of time and materials. × Suitable to most flexible and semi-rigid packages on the market. × Customizable in terms

Smile Easy Grip improves the packaging of everyday use

No more broken packages and food waste – The italian patent for opening and reclosing the packages will make consumers’ daily life easier. Also suitable for children, elder and visually impaired people. Italian text Padova – Smile-Easy Grip è un brevetto italiano per aprire e richiudere le confezioni alimentari fino a 24 volte, una soluzione

Packaging: Smile Easy Grip for opening and reclosing the packages without any waste of food

Goodbye to broken packages and food waste. A new wholly italian system for opening and reclosing the packages. Italian text Lo ha ideato e brevettato Smylesis, azienda padovana che lo ha presentato a Cibus con il nome di Smile Easy Grip. Sarà una vera rivoluzione per il mondo degli imballaggi?  Si tratta di un’etichetta autoadesiva

No more food waste with Smile Easy Grip

The italian patent for opening and reclosing the packages will make the consumer’s life easier. Also suitable for

Cibus 2014: presented the first food plastic wrap that can be opened and reclosed up to 25 times

Italian text (AGENPARL) – Parma, 6 mag – Si chiama SMILE  EASY GRIP ed è un’idea di Smilesys Srl, giovane impresa di Padova da sei anni punto di riferimento nell’ambito del confezionamento automatico per applicazioni richiudibili ed easy-peel. La nuova tecnologia è intelligente, ecosostenibile e di facile fruizione per i prodotti a consumo ripetuto pensata anche per bambini, anziani

Smilesys Resealable Systems was born

In January 2013 Smilesys Srl was founded, a brilliant and innovative which has been since long time a