Smile film for fresh and dried fruits

Open & Reclose your package with Smile,
the innovative auto-adhesive system.

Technical and manufacturing advantages

× Suitable to all packaging systems, with no need for machine adjustments.
× No production slowdown.
× No waste in terms of time and materials.
× Suitable to most flexible and semi-rigid packages on the market.
× Customizable in terms of shape, dimensions and graphic. Printable up to 10colours. Available with paper and matt varnish.

Advantages for the end-user

× Functional.
× Higher appeal on the shelf.
× Mantainance of the product’s organoleptic features.
× The integrity of the package is granted by the warranty seal.
× Ideal for products with multiple consumption and resealable up to 22 times.
× The shelf-life is granted through the use of barrier film or perforated materials.
× The waste due to product’s deterioration is minimized.

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