Smile System

Opening and re-closing system for the packaging through label on the reel

The reel can be supplied by the customer, or Smilesys can manage the whole supplying process, from film to laminated and print. After a first analysis of the materials we are able to find the best way to apply our resealable system, and to advise our customers in order to decrease plastic consumption and to improve the recyclability if it’s possible.

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Giovanni Papini


Marketing benefits

Strong impact on the consumer

Functional and with a strong visual impact, it makes your product more attractive on the shelf. It is friendly, reduces the food waste and keeps the product fresh for longer time.

Fully customizable

It is adaptable to the customer’s taste and neccessities in terms of size, opening, label shape and graphics.

It re-closes more than 22 times

IIdeal for product of repeated consumption, the lable is re-positionable for more than 22 times.

100% recyclable

Eco-sustainable, it reduces the waste and minimises the quantity of plastic which is scattered in the environment. The label is produced with recyclable materials.

Technical benefits

No production slowdown

Produced in reels, so it does not slow down the packaging process or need bigger spaces for stocking.

Shelf-life increased

Thanks to the resealable system, it avoids the rapid dehydratation of the fresh products. It is available in micr- and macro-perforated version in order to extend the natural shelf-life.

Runs in every machine

Suitable to all packaging machines: vertical, flowpack or top, with no need for modifications.

No adjustment needed

Extremely versatile, it works perfectly without need for adjustments or setup.


Easy Grip

Ring in a glueless zone of the label

The patented ring Easy Grip  allows an easy opening of the label not only through standard “pinch grip” but by any means: one only finger or a simple object such as a pen will be enough. This solution is aimed to enhance the quality of the packages of everyday usage by improving its practicality and usability.



Packaging with paper details

To have some paper details applied on the film can grant a great appeal on your product and provides it with a fascinating and rustic touch reminding its genuineness and bio-qualities.


Warranty seal

The warranty of inviolability is a fundamental factor on the shelf

Smilesys developes the most performing seals for the different pakaging situations, always giving the customer the certainty that the product is untouched and fresh.


Macro and microperforation

Film perforation increases the shelf-life

To let the product breathe is fundamental for the mantainance of its organoleptic features; that’s why thanks to film perforation through laser or metalic punches it is possible to control the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the product and the surrounding environment, and so to increase the shelf-life.


Relief printing on the label for blind people

Relief printing is a unique betterment which makes the package accessible for anyone, even for visually handicapped people. A silk-screen printing solution which allows to write any information on the label in Braille characters: content, ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, etc.